Stump Grinding and Removal



When it comes to improving your property value, one of the best things that you can do is increase the amount of available space for building or recreation on your property. This can be done in a bevy of ways.

For example, some of our customers opt for having a tree or multiple trees removed to free up space on their property. However, sometimes the tree has been previously cut down but the stump remains. In these situations, it is necessary to contact an arborist to either get a stump grinding or a stump removal.

The Difference

Some may be wondering what the difference is between grinding and removal. While it might seem like these two services are the same because they accomplish similar things, grinding and removal actually have much different uses in terms of arbor care and property management. Read on down below or click here to learn more.


With stump grinding, the idea is to reduce the stump to a ground level. In this way, the stump will no longer intrude on things like lawns or driveways. However, stump grinding is oftentimes not a permanent fix for those looking to do deeper construction. This is because the roots and the majority of the stump still exists. If you require more information, you can get in touch with us about the nitty gritty details.


When stump removal is involved, this means that the tree service company will completely remove the stump from the premises. This process involves a lot of digging in order to completely remove the roots. Because this is a little bit more lengthy and difficult of a process, you will likely find that stump removal can be a little bit more costly than stump grinding. However, our experience tell us that this process is necessary for construction that involves digging deep. For laying a foundation or pipes, you will most definitely need to get a stump removal to eliminate the intrusion of roots.