Tree Removal


At Christmas in the Ozarks Tree Farm, we strive very hard to make sure that all of your tree service needs are met with the highest quality of work possible. One of our flagship services is our tree removal service. With there being so many trees on people’s property in our area, it’s no wonder that we get calls all of the time for tree removal.

There are several reasons why you might want to consider contacting us for a tree removal service.

First, if you have some sort of construction project that requires more free space on your property, then removing a tree is definitely a go to option. Many people call us to have trees removed in order to add on to their house or build a shed or pool.

Another reason why one might consider getting the tree removal service is that there might be trees that jeopardize the safety of structures on your property. For example, we often get calls from our customers that they might need to get a tree removed because they are afraid of it falling on their house or shed. In response to a burgeoning number of these requests, we have created an evaluation service to help determine whether your property is at risk for damage from a falling tree. If we deem that the tree in question is unsafe, we give you the opportunity to decided whether or not you want us to remove it.

Our Service

The best of the best

If you do indeed need to have a tree removed, then you can count on us for the best service in town. We’ve got experts who have been trained at Westland Tree Services – affordable tree removals & cutting. We’ll make sure to get the tree removed with minimal cosmetic damage to surrounding trees or properties. If you’re not satisfied, we will make sure to make it right!